Bitburger Festbier, PROST!

Happy Sunday Funday ya’ll! While it may be 98 degrees outside and Oktoberfest is IMG_7219canceled, it’s one of the most wonderful times of the year, Festbier season! Oktoberfest, surprisingly enough, does not start in October. It’s traditionally the last Saturday in September. However, retailers around Orlando have finally stocked the shelves with Oktoberfest/Marzen/Festbiers. What’s the difference between them all? Well, in my opinion, it’s all the same style of beer, but with different names. So crack a cold one and Prost! (or Cheers! in German).

Appearance: This Festbier pours a warm, autumnal hue with plenty of carbonation to go with it.

Aroma: It has a ton of bready malts and some sweetness to it. The wife says it smells like a domestic brew, but I think her sniffer is out of service.

Taste: True to form, there are a TON of malts with a hint of hop bitterness at the end. There’s a slight grassy-ness to it, in the way a summer lager is, that helps with the drinkability because it clocks in at the high end of this style at 6.2%.

Mouthfeel: This is a full-bodied beer that the carbonation from the initial pour does not help cut. I would not recommend filling a liter (yes Commie units) stein with this as it is heavier and packs a punch. For the 11.2 oz. (330 mL) bottle, it’s the perfect body.

Value: I got a sixer for $9.99 at Publix, so it’ll buff.

Overall: While this isn’t quite as quaffable as other Marzens/Festbiers, it’s supremely balanced and very enjoyable. I would give this a 7/10 as it still lacks some drinkability but the flavors are fantastic. This is a must try this season.

I’m thinking about doing a Mock-Toberfest at my place if I can get enough interest. There would be German food, plenty of beer, and since college football is a maybe, reruns of UCF games. Leave a comment below if you’d want to join in!

Until next time, tight lines and cheers!

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