Tampa Bay Brewing Co. Quat

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! It was a long weekend of fishing and family, capped off by a few hours of yard work in the scorching Florida sun. The wife, mother, sister-in-law and I went on a drift boat out of South Florida. We had a few bites, landed a few short mutton snapper, a beautiful … Continue reading Tampa Bay Brewing Co. Quat


Cinco De Mayo Edition: Sol

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! Instead of celebrating Cinco de Drinko in the hot summer sun in Florida, it is currently pouring rain. So since we didn't have any sunshine, I picked up the Mexican beer, Sol, which is completely ironic and fitting. Like the old saying goes, "When life gives you lemons, find someone with … Continue reading Cinco De Mayo Edition: Sol

Cold Bear Brewing Chai On Life

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! Its been a whirlwind of an April between fishing tournaments and vacations. Now I've finally got some time to write another blog. It just so happens that the wife's first home brew is ready today, so you know I've gotta review that. She did a clone of the classic Stone IPA, … Continue reading Cold Bear Brewing Chai On Life

IPA Madness Final Four

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! It was a long weekend of fishing, grilling out, and generally being a responsible adult. So now it's time to shake off the Sunday Scaries while cheering Duke on in the Final Four. Oh yeah, and the wife brewed her first beer today, so we have about a month until there … Continue reading IPA Madness Final Four

IPA March Madness!!!

Happy Sunday Funday. I know everyone is thinking about March Madness, but I couldn't let this magical time of year slip by without breaking out some beer bracketology. Just like March Madness, there are the stalwarts of the IPA scene you have known and loved for years, like Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. There are … Continue reading IPA March Madness!!!

Cold Bear Brewing: Fat Dwyer

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! It's been a long weekend of running errands, cleaning up the house, and generally being responsible. I know that may come as a shock for you, but yes, I was semi-responsible this weekend. On the bright side, it is finally time to unseal the hushed casket (Halo reference) and try my … Continue reading Cold Bear Brewing: Fat Dwyer

Sierra Nevada Helles in the Tropics

Happy Sunday Funday! This has been a whirlwind of a weekend celebrating the marriage of our best friends in Tampa. Now that all the festivities have died down, I need something to fight the work week scaries, so we snagged a variety 12-pack from Sierra Nevada that had two of six types of beer instead … Continue reading Sierra Nevada Helles in the Tropics