Bitburger Festbier, PROST!

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! While it may be 98 degrees outside and Oktoberfest is canceled, it's one of the most wonderful times of the year, Festbier season! Oktoberfest, surprisingly enough, does not start in October. It's traditionally the last Saturday in September. However, retailers around Orlando have finally stocked the shelves with Oktoberfest/Marzen/Festbiers. What's the … Continue reading Bitburger Festbier, PROST!

IPA Madness Final Four

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! It was a long weekend of fishing, grilling out, and generally being a responsible adult. So now it's time to shake off the Sunday Scaries while cheering Duke on in the Final Four. Oh yeah, and the wife brewed her first beer today, so we have about a month until there … Continue reading IPA Madness Final Four

Cold Bear Brewing: Fat Dwyer

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! It's been a long weekend of running errands, cleaning up the house, and generally being responsible. I know that may come as a shock for you, but yes, I was semi-responsible this weekend. On the bright side, it is finally time to unseal the hushed casket (Halo reference) and try my … Continue reading Cold Bear Brewing: Fat Dwyer

Sierra Nevada Helles in the Tropics

Happy Sunday Funday! This has been a whirlwind of a weekend celebrating the marriage of our best friends in Tampa. Now that all the festivities have died down, I need something to fight the work week scaries, so we snagged a variety 12-pack from Sierra Nevada that had two of six types of beer instead … Continue reading Sierra Nevada Helles in the Tropics

Southern Tier Cinnamon Role Imperial Ale

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! I'm writing a birthday review with my 850th different beer. Last night we celebrated with some friends and had a party where everyone brought a different craft six pack. Then we mixed and matched so everyone got to try new beers. Now I'm not usually a big sweets fan, but my … Continue reading Southern Tier Cinnamon Role Imperial Ale

Rusty Rail Brewing Blue Collar Blonde

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! After watching a nail biter of a game, UCF pulled out their second consecutive AAC title and 25th consecutive win. All I'll say about that is if you can go two straight years undefeated and not make the playoff, then it isn't a playoff and is an invitational. Anyways, to wash … Continue reading Rusty Rail Brewing Blue Collar Blonde

Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! This is the first post written from the new house and let me tell you, life is good! As we were perusing the Publix (and my fiance says, "They never change the singles, why do you insist on checking?!"), I found the new Oktoberfest release from Sierra Nevada. Yes, it is … Continue reading Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest

Russian River Brewing Pliny The Elder

Well, I know it's not a Sunday Funday, but I couldn't wait another day to taste and review one of the top 15 beers in the world per After a long week of working in SoCal and trying some great beers, I was able to snag a few of the legendary Pliny The Elders. … Continue reading Russian River Brewing Pliny The Elder

Lickinghole Creek Tree Chopt

Well it's been awhile and I felt like cracking open the last of my Christmas presents. Yes, the name is not a typo. The brewery's name is actually Lickinghole Creek, and to make things even better, they are based out of Goochland, Virginia. Between UCF dominating #1 UF baseball in a home and home series, … Continue reading Lickinghole Creek Tree Chopt

Sweetwater 420 EPA

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! The first post-football weekend was spent well between fishing, working around the house, and meeting up with old friends. For those of you up North, bass bedding season has started early this year in Central Florida's small ponds so you know where I'll be for the next month. Anyways, I picked … Continue reading Sweetwater 420 EPA