Bitburger Festbier, PROST!

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! While it may be 98 degrees outside and Oktoberfest is canceled, it's one of the most wonderful times of the year, Festbier season! Oktoberfest, surprisingly enough, does not start in October. It's traditionally the last Saturday in September. However, retailers around Orlando have finally stocked the shelves with Oktoberfest/Marzen/Festbiers. What's the … Continue reading Bitburger Festbier, PROST!

3 Helpful Hints from My Last Homebrew

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! I know I've been MIA recently, but I'm back with some new updates on beer, brewing, and even a few fishing tips! I know some of ya'll are stuck in various levels of quarantine, but I was able to make the best of it and try some new brews, take a … Continue reading 3 Helpful Hints from My Last Homebrew

Victory Sour Monkey

Happy Sunday Funday AND Mother's Day! The wife and I spent the weekend surprising my mom and grandmother by visiting them with my entire family. Naturally, I had to sneak in a few beers and some fishing. While I didn't wear out either the beers or the fish, I was able to get a couple. … Continue reading Victory Sour Monkey

Dogfish Head BBA World Wide Stout

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! Here in the Sunshine State, we are starting to relax some of the COVID-19 restrictions, and we were able to see some friends for the first time in a long time. I also found a new little fishing hole that was full of bass and bream. To top things off, I … Continue reading Dogfish Head BBA World Wide Stout

New Belgium Brewing Liquid Paradise IPA

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! With all the doom and gloom in the news, hopefully some beer can bring you some cheer. As hard as it is sometimes, we are practicing "social isolation" and avoiding going into public wherever possible which has put a damper on our weekend. As the great Homer J. Simpson said "When … Continue reading New Belgium Brewing Liquid Paradise IPA

Alchemist Beer Heady Topper

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! Its been a busy December, and we were able to take some time to visit family last weekend and this weekend. In the midst of work, traveling, football, and, of course, I snuck in some beer drinking, I realized I was coming up on a major milestone. I was closing in … Continue reading Alchemist Beer Heady Topper

East Island Brewing Island Coastal Lager

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! After a weekend of football, fishing and barbecues, I am wiped out. It was great to see UCF put up big numbers again, but we absolutely baked in the Florida heat. We went to a bbq with  a bunch of friends and played a slightly over-competitive game of ultimate frisbee, which took … Continue reading East Island Brewing Island Coastal Lager

Tampa Bay Brewing Co Gourds Gone Wild

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! For those of you outside of Florida, you're probably experiencing cooler temperatures and noticeably shorter days. Well, we haven't in Florida and I've never actually experienced "fall" even on vacation. I spent the weekend bottling my new Christmas Ale, Santa You're Drunk, Go Home, watching UCF absolutely dismantle Temple, and did … Continue reading Tampa Bay Brewing Co Gourds Gone Wild

Sam Adams Porch Rocker Radler

Happy Sunday Funday and Father's Day, ya'll! After spending time with the out-laws (in-laws) and my folks, down in Fort Myers, we had to scoot back up to Orlando to get ready for the week. I'll tell you, the beer scene down there has blown up and continues to be what Central Florida should be. … Continue reading Sam Adams Porch Rocker Radler

DuClaw Brewing Sweet Baby Java

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! I know I've been posting less consistently as of late, and I'm going to blame it all on the holidays and the final month of wedding planning/getting married. It's safe to say I'm back and thirstier than ever! Today is an American holiday of sorts: it's Superbowl Sunday. Millions of red-blooded … Continue reading DuClaw Brewing Sweet Baby Java