Cigar City Good Gourd

Happy Labor Day ya’ll! While many people are excited for PSL season (pumpkin spice latte), us beer nerds are stoked for PSA season (aka Pumpkin Spiced Ale). Yes, it’s still hitting triple digit heat index weekly, but I’m leaning into the hype and getting all sorts of pumpkin-style beers. This is a special release from Cigar City and the first time they’ve ever canned and distributed it. Needless to say, I’m down to clown with this brew. On a side note, I may have too many craft beers in the fridge…

Appearance: This bad boy pours a burnt orange, and almost pumpkin with an off white tan head. Due to the higher ABV 8.8%, any carbonation will quickly dissipate.

Aroma: There is a huge spice profile of nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and allspice. Basically it smells like all the spices you’d put in a pumpkin pie. I’ll be curious to see how well they’re balanced.

Taste: On first sip, you get nutmeg and cinnamon sweetness with a bitter finish. There isn’t a ton going on and, honestly, I’m a bit disappointed. The flavors don’t seem to be well developed or balanced.

Mouthfeel: Good Gourd is a full-bodied beer with a viscous body and treacly feel to it. Maybe not the go-to for a 100 degree day, but it is perfect for the style.

Value: I got a 4 pack for $11 at Publix, so it’s not the cheapest beer around.

Overall: I would give this a 4/10 as it’s marketed as a special release and really doesn’t have a ton going on. While there is a high ABV and some flavors reminiscent of pumpkin pie, it falls flat in my book. Being said, there are some better pumpkin beers out there, but it’s not a terrible beer. If you’re on the lookout for pumpkin beers try Shipyard’s Pumpkin Head, Sam Adam’s Jack-O, Southern Tier’s Pumking instead.

Until next time, tight lines and cheers!

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