Some Thoughts On Cheap Beer

Well I hope everyone is recuperating from the holiday weekend. I for one definitely gobbled ’til I wobbled and stuck a few nice fish down in SoFlo. While I was down there, I noticed that it seems at any large gathering for family or otherwise, craft beer is noticeably absent. Even when a bunch of craft beer lovers get together for things like sporting events, we leave the good stuff at home and opt for the mass produced and much maligned “yellow fizzy water.” I got to thinking on the drive home why we still buy beer that is just plain mediocre at best and here’s what I got.

Everyone remembers their first beer. Mine was a Miller Light that I snuck during the family Thanksgiving party. With the exception of tailgates and large parties, I rarely buy it anymore, yet out of a cooler of macrobeer I will always choose Miller Light. Its not that Miller is remarkably better, it just has something that I can’t name.

Another beer that stands out as the unofficial UCF tailgate beer is Busch Light. It seems every tailgate this is my all time favorite cheap beer. Does it taste like soapy dishwater when warm? Well, yeah. Does it have an unmistakable funk to it? Take a guess, chief. But why is it so popular even with my post-grad craft beer loving friends? I can’t speak for them, however, I know why I still love it. Busch Light was the only beer we could afford in college and, therefore, many of my best college memories involve it. I spent many a late night and early morning doing fun, crazy and, well, idiotic things thanks to that beer. Many of my best friendships started with a night out and a case of Busch Light.

The last thing I realized while drinking a Busch Light this Thanksgiving is that while craft beers are typically deep, flavorful and complex, there is a time and a place for it. When I was stuffing my face with turkey and gravy, I realized I couldn’t enjoy them with a bitter IPA or the heaviness of a stout. Bland and relatively flavorless beer works as more of a palate cleanser to allow you to enjoy the wonderful flavors of Turkey Day.

In all, we may love cheap beer because duh… it’s cheap and we are broke. Or maybe because it is what your dad drank or it was your first beer. At the end of the day, we still love cheap beer because it holds a sentimental place in our hearts and is easy on our wallets. Until next time, tight lines and cheers!

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