Scuttlebutt Hoptopia

Happy Sunday Funday, ya’ll! I did a bit of exploring in North Florida/South Georgia this weekend, found some good beers, got to meet up with some old friends and made new ones. We even got to indulge in the coastal tradition of a low country boil! For those of

Low Country Boil

you that don’t know what that is, you get a group of people together with a mess of taters, corn, sausage, and shrimp. You get a big pot, set it to boil, then add the ingredients and have a party! But enough about eating, let’s get to the beer. I snagged the Scuttlebutt Hoptopia at Total Wine for $2. Lets see how it is!

Appearance: This is an amber beer with a thick head, especially considering its 8% the head lingers awhile and laces well.

Smell: I’m getting a lot of heavy fruits to it along with some citrus. Nothing too exciting so far.

Taste: Not gonna lie, this is pretty bland. There is a bit of hops and something reminiscent of tree sap. Queue the womp womp wompppppp sound track because Hoptopia fell flat on its face.

Mouthfeel: Hoptopia is lighter on the tongue than what you would expect for an Imperial IPA. It’s still slightly sticky, but the carbonation offsets it giving a mostly neutral feel. Again, bland.

Value: At $2 for an 8% beer, it’s all right.

Overall: For a beer trying to make it into an inundated IPA market, this was a huge flop. Scuttlebutt should considering scuttling it (yes, deal with the pun) and starting back from scratch. I’d give it a 3/10. It’s very drinkable, but very disappointing. The best thing I can compare it to is a malt liquor with marginally better taste.

Until next time, tight lines and cheers!


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