Guest Post: LEINENKUGELS BeerGarten Tart

Well, it looks like B left the writing up to me today (the lady friend). Hi Brooks Brew Review readers, I’m Toritilla (I was told I need to have a pen name…). I like binge watching Netflix shows (shout out to all the House of Cards people out there), drinking on the weekends and occasionally leaving the house to do nature things with my beer-loving redneck boyfriend. Anyway, I don’t know spit about beer, but here goes nothing!

Leinenkugels Beer

Olympic Beers!

Garten Tart

Appearance: Super golden, very thin head. The carbonation is akin to an apple cider. 8/10 on the bubbly scale.

Smell: Malty and tart (green apple scent) with a touch of citrusy sweetness on the end. You can definitely smell the beer in this one.

Taste: It’s tart, but not intense. If you’re not a tart person (I’m more of a sweet person myself), this isn’t bad and easily drinkable. Very refreshing. Have you ever had a green apple lollipop? This does not taste like that. It tastes like a green apple lollipop without sugar and with beer. Also carbonation. Sort of like they took a vat of Bud Light and steeped green apple lollipops into it.

Mouthfeel: Refreshing and thin. Pop of fizziness at the beginning, but no after taste whatsoever. My burps taste like Bud Light.

Overall: If a green apple cider had sex with Bud Light, this is what the baby would taste like. Good beer for a nice day on the beach, especially if you like light and carbonated beers. I’m giving this a 6/10 because I’m feeling tart today, and this beer was too carbonated for my liking. But it could be just your cup of tea.

Until next time, light wines and beers!

P.S. If you like this post, keep it to yourself because I’m not doing another one.



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