Cigar City Florida Cracker

Happy Sunday Funday, everyone! Its been about 1000 degrees out, so I needed a lighter beer to quench my thirst. Naturally, I had to grab a local brew from Cigar City. Florida Cracker has always been my post fishing beer of choice. Even though I wasn’t fishing, laying by the pool was close enough so enough rambling, here’s the review.



Courtesy of a fellow beer lover!

Appearance: Looks like a typical unfiltered white ale with a hazy gold color with a slight orange tinge. It has a solid head and a bunch of carbonation.


Smell: This is heavy on the citrus with a slight coriander spice to it.  Even though it has a ton of different aromas, it still smells light and effervescent.

Taste: There is a sweet fruity touch with a nice offsetting spice to it. I’m getting citrus and coriander/pepper. It finishes a touch acidic and dry which hits the spot on a hot summer day. There is absolutely no hops to it which is refreshing change of pace.

Mouthfeel: Much like the nose, it is light and effervescent. It leaves a slightly dry feeling on the aftertaste which I personally enjoy.

Overall: I’m giving this a 7.5/10 and it is a great beer to bring to any BBQ, pool party, or any summertime event. For those who aren’t hop heads or are new to craft beer, give them this instead of a Blue Moon or Shock Top. This is a rockin’ brew!

Until next time, tight lines and cheers!

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