Funky Buddha Brewery Review and Fishing Report

Well, I was so worn out from Saturday that I didn’t have time for a Sunday Funday. Not the worst problem to have… Anyways I was fortunate enough to have a killer offshore trip out of Miami with some good friends and hit up the rapidly growing Funky Buddha Brewery in Miami.  I’ll start this out with the fishing report because this is my blog so deal with it.

View from the Marina
View from the Marina

We launched from Miami with Capt. Charlie from Marauder Fishing ( with a good breeze coming out of the SE and a ripping current. Before we left the dock we loaded up on some horse threadies and goggle-eyes. Stupid me forgot the dramamine and about 30 minutes into the trip I was spewing and we had a blackfin tuna come up but miss our bait. Shortly after I recovered thankfully.

The way we were rigged was having on midwater rod and 2 kites flying 3 lines each, with a mixture of threadies and goggle-eyes. I’d never fished like this but man did it pay off. Every drift we were getting into some bite. A few huge kings early on slashed through our baits but by midmorning we were into our first sailfish. It was awesome watching it come up and tailwalk and jump. After a 30 minute fight we got it to the boat and safely released it. It came in at about 45 lbs, a pretty darn good specimen.

Danny Oceans with his fish, I was nonplused.
Danny Oceans with his fish, I was nonplused.

I ended up losing a nice sailfish but we caught one last one around 30 lbs, on light spinning gear. It wore my buddy out and he was done after that. At the end of the day we managed to land a huge kingfish coming in at just over 35 lbs. From the radio chatter, we could tell we definitely were doing much better than the rest of the pack. Even with adverse conditions, Capt. Charlie put us on the fish!

That evening, my buddy and guest writer Danny Oceans took

Outside of the tap room
Outside of the tap room

us out to Funky Buddha. We got there about an hour after it opened and it was slammed, to be expected on a Saturday night though. The vibe was overwhelmingly hipster, not quite my cup of tea or for my buddy down from Mississippi. Imagine that… We eventually made our way to the bar and got some beers. Man was it worth the wait, we got some special releases like the Small Axe Big IPA and More Moro Blood Orange IPA which were phenomenal. For you non-IPA drinkers, the Nikolai Vorlauf Imperial Stout and Raspberry Floridian Hefeweizen were also supurb. Overall, not a bad place, just not this good ol’ boy’s jam.

This was a great weekend where we tore up some fish and drank some great beer. Hope y’all enjoyed this week’s installment. Until next time, tight lines!

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