Orange Blossom Brewing OBP Pilsner

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! It was a whirlwind of a Mother's Day weekend. My buddy Steven and I took out the boat and absolutely slapped the bass. In a few hours, we put about two dozen in the boat and left them biting. The wife and I then spent some time with her mom and … Continue reading Orange Blossom Brewing OBP Pilsner

Funky Buddha Vibin’

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! This weekend I was doing more adult things than I care to on my days off, but it comes with the territory. I was supposed to try and brew my first five gallon batch, but I simply ran out of time. I'm shooting to do a stout next weekend though. I … Continue reading Funky Buddha Vibin’

Central 28 Brewing Sunshine Greetings

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! Man, we had a heck of the time slapping some snapper and chasing some sails down in the Keys! On day one, we landed two Sailfish to 90 lbs and five keeper Mahi. Day two we took a party boat out and it was a grind, but we ended up getting … Continue reading Central 28 Brewing Sunshine Greetings

Sweetwater 420 EPA

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! The first post-football weekend was spent well between fishing, working around the house, and meeting up with old friends. For those of you up North, bass bedding season has started early this year in Central Florida's small ponds so you know where I'll be for the next month. Anyways, I picked … Continue reading Sweetwater 420 EPA

Barely Bearable Beer of the Month

Happy Sunday Funday, ya'll! Even though the UCF Knights choked big time in the Cure  Bowl game, I still had a rowdy time. I know this segment has been on a hiatus as of recent, but all this tailgating led me to revive it after crushing cheap beers one after another with friends and family. … Continue reading Barely Bearable Beer of the Month

500th Beer!!! Ayinger Celebrator

Well ya'll as some of you may know, I've got a goal to try 1000 different beers and tonight marks the halfway point. Now those half ounce sips you get when you try something don't count. I'm talking full pours of the stuff. You're probably thinking "Dude, get the Untappd app!". Naw I started this … Continue reading 500th Beer!!! Ayinger Celebrator

Anchor Steam California Lager

After a long weekend of South Beach debauchery, I realized I've been 3 weeks behind posting! A quick recap of the Miami madness: Rolled in Friday and nothing exciting happened. Woke up Saturday and went fishing with Danny Oceans, which turned out to be overcast, rainy, and a Pufferfish-palooza. Wandered our way to the casinos … Continue reading Anchor Steam California Lager

Shiner Ruby Redbird

Hope everyone had a great holiday season! As we return to our normal drudgery that is a full work week, I figured I'd review a new (to me) brew from an established brewery. Before we hop on in however, we have to run through the latest fishing report from sunny SWFL! We ran offshore for … Continue reading Shiner Ruby Redbird

Stone Ruination 2.0 DIPA

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone! I hope ya'lls was as good as mine. I spent the extended time off enjoying fishing, bonfires, family and eating way more than I needed to. It was a beautiful weekend in sunny Florida with the highs being mid 70s and low enough to enjoy a fire. I managed to snag one … Continue reading Stone Ruination 2.0 DIPA

Barely Bearable Beer of the Month

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! Today has been a rough day, after getting asked to leave a neighborhood pond (for no good reason) I decided to pick up an equally crappy beer, Fosters. I found it ironic that their tagline is "Australian for Beer" but the bottle says "Made in the USA". On the bright side, … Continue reading Barely Bearable Beer of the Month