Lazy Sunhaze by Oozlefinch Beers & Blending

Happy Sunday Funday ya’ll! Well, we took out the Rowdy Minnow (my new boat) for the first time, and boy was it a learning experience. The boat ramp was an absolute nightmare when we went to take out with over a dozen boats jockeying around the whole time.

Thankfully, my wife had the patience of a saint with me and didn’t kill me for being super stressed (read: a dick). On the bright side, we saw a ton of dolphins, manatees, and other wildlife.

Today, we caught our first UCF baseball game of the year and to cap it off, I swung by a local liquor store to find something new and weird. Between the can art and the name Oozlefinch, I figured this is going to either be awesome or atrocious. So, I’m just gonna send it!

Appearance: This poured a faded orange and had a huge, light tan head that hangs around forever. Unfortunately, this is about 6 months old, so I’m hoping the flavors aren’t faded as well. For those of you new to Hazy/NEIPAs, the molecules that give it the “juicy” hops flavor break down quickly so it loses flavor fast.

Aroma: I’m picking up tangerines and a slight piney hop aroma. My wife says all she smells is booze, but I don’t smell it a bit. #Idontgotthe #Rona

Flavor: Doggone it! I should’ve known better. The flavors, much like the appearance, are very muted. There are some light tangerine hops and some pine as well as a boozy finish. This isn’t a bad beer, but it’s just like me, past its prime. Still tasty, but I would absolutely love to try it fresh!

Mouthfeel: This is super smooth and almost creamy but in a good way. It’s heavy enough to offset the 7.2% ABV but doesn’t drag you down.

Value: I paid almost bar prices at $6 for a pint, but again, if it was fresh I think it would be awesome.

Overall: Well, you’d think I’d learn a thing or two after drinking almost 1200 different beers, but I can be hard-headed. I won’t rate this as it was definitely past its prime and that is on me. It was still most certainly drinkable and I really want to find this fresh to see if it is as good as I think it could be.

Hopefully, next weekend we slap the fish and will have a fishing report for you. Until next time, tight lines and cheers!

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