Red Cypress Brewery

Happy Sunday Funday, ya’ll! This weekend I was afforded the chance to go swing by a newer craft brewery in the Central Florida area, Red Cypress Brewery. I originally found out about them by grabbing a sixer of their beer at Publix. For only being around less than two years (est. 2015), I thought it was interesting how quickly they were already canning and distributing across Central Florida. But hey, more choices for us! Anyways, enough about that; let’s get into the review!

We walked in to a nondescript almost business plaza storefront, and it opened into a large bar area with multiple tables. Everything was very clean and the Jags game was on the TV! I moseyed on up to the bar where the beertenders were very helpful in recommending what beers we would like based on our preferences.

I started with the Hollow Earth Imperial Stout. Clocking in at 10%, I wasn’t sure how this would turn out, but I was pleasantly surprised. This beer was well balanced, full of flavor, and didn’t hit you over the head with the booze. Overall it was a very well done beer.

The next beer I moved on to was the Earlene IPA. This was also stout (pun intended) at 7% and was just as well balanced. There were tons of pine notes and a good amount of bitterness to counteract the pine. The price was reasonable as well at $6 for a pint.

Red Cypress Brewery
Boysen Da Hood at Red Cypress Brewery

The lady friend ordered the peach wheat (about 5.5%) to start and was not disappointed. Not overly sweet and not overly bitter, it was a perfect balance of wheat, hops and fruity goodness. Next on her list was the Boysen da Hood, which was a very interesting saison made with boysenberry. At 5%, this beer was delicious, but definitely not for those who typically steer clear from tarty flavors. The berry tartness was similar to cranberry juice, but much lighter and easier to drink (that may or may not be due to the beer part). It poured a rich, thick purple color which added to its uniqueness.

Overall, Red Cypress is a chill brewery where you can go with friends to catch a game and enjoy good beer. The atmosphere is laid back, and it is quiet enough to hear everyone talk without yelling. If you’re in the Central Florida area, ya’ll definitely need to give it a shot!

Until next time, tight lines and cheers!

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