Hop Bullet by Sierra Nevada

Happy SUPERBOWL Sunday Funday ya'll! It's been a busy weekend, with the soon-to-be Mrs. saying yes to the dress, a family cookout, and engagement photos, I've hardly had time to think. Thankfully, I was able to sneak in some fishing time where we got on some bass and picked up a new beer from Club … Continue reading Hop Bullet by Sierra Nevada

Barely Bearable Beer of the Month: PBR

It's Sunday Funday, so I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. It's getting downright hot down here in Florida, so for the folks up north, I'm getting jealous of your cooler temps. Anywho, this month's installment is another classic college beer that has made a comeback in recent years, Pabst Blue Ribbon. When you crack … Continue reading Barely Bearable Beer of the Month: PBR