Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! Yes, I can't believe I'm actually posting two weeks in a row. Anyways, being the Floridian I am, I decided to do some pre-hurricane fishing and well, it was more fishing than catching. We did get some jacks, snapper, a whiting and a trout so we didn't strike out, but didn't … Continue reading Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine

RJ Rockers Bell Ringer Double Pale Ale

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! It was another rough week in UCF football, but thankfully that was Friday night and it didn't ruin my entire weekend. We were busy all weekend doing chores and took a quick hiking/fishing trip on the Little Big Econlockhatchee. We had a few bites, but they came unbuttoned at the bank. … Continue reading RJ Rockers Bell Ringer Double Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada Helles in the Tropics

Happy Sunday Funday! This has been a whirlwind of a weekend celebrating the marriage of our best friends in Tampa. Now that all the festivities have died down, I need something to fight the work week scaries, so we snagged a variety 12-pack from Sierra Nevada that had two of six types of beer instead … Continue reading Sierra Nevada Helles in the Tropics

Boulevard Brewing Tropical Pale Ale

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! I had a long weekend of watching my Knights dismantle FAU and doing miscellaneous home improvement projects, so I decided that I needed a reward for all that hard work. So the soon to be missus and I went to a local craft beer bar this afternoon to kick it into … Continue reading Boulevard Brewing Tropical Pale Ale

New Belgium Brewing The Hemperor

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! After a weekend of working sitting around the house and exploring the Little Econ River while the Fiance is enjoying her bachelortte party I figured I'd try the new release from New Belgium, The Hemperor. This beer is brewed with hemp and I'm curious to see how it turned out. I figure … Continue reading New Belgium Brewing The Hemperor

12th of Never Ale by Lagunitas

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! After a nine-week hiatus from beer (thanks, Keto diet...), I've finally returned. This week I'll be touring the Karbach Brewery out in Houston, Texas, while out for work as well as hopefully a few more. I picked up this bad boy on sale for $9 a 12-pack. Gotta ball on a … Continue reading 12th of Never Ale by Lagunitas

Bogotá Beer Company Candelaria Kolsch

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! After watching a great second half comeback by Michigan and running around doing wedding stuff all weekend, I needed a break. My good buddy Luis was recently in Colombia and brought me back some beers from a microbrewery in Bogota. A huge shout out to Luis, you're the real MVP on … Continue reading Bogotá Beer Company Candelaria Kolsch

Macro Brew Elite 8

Ahhh, Opening Day... There is nothing like it. The sun is shining, the grass is green, and the Rays are playing the Red Sox. Even better is that the Elite 8 is over and we are heading to the Final Four in not only basketball, but my beer bracket. Here are recaps of last night's … Continue reading Macro Brew Elite 8

Macro Beer Matchup Yuengling vs Coors

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! After a wild (mild) weekend of wedding planning and visiting Fort Myers, it's time to unwind. Tomorrow is possibly the worst day of the year. It is the first day of work after Daylight Savings Time. For all of us Floridians, it will be the last time we have to deal … Continue reading Macro Beer Matchup Yuengling vs Coors

Sweetwater 420 EPA

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! The first post-football weekend was spent well between fishing, working around the house, and meeting up with old friends. For those of you up North, bass bedding season has started early this year in Central Florida's small ponds so you know where I'll be for the next month. Anyways, I picked … Continue reading Sweetwater 420 EPA