Hop Bullet by Sierra Nevada

Happy SUPERBOWL Sunday Funday ya'll! It's been a busy weekend, with the soon-to-be Mrs. saying yes to the dress, a family cookout, and engagement photos, I've hardly had time to think. Thankfully, I was able to sneak in some fishing time where we got on some bass and picked up a new beer from Club … Continue reading Hop Bullet by Sierra Nevada

Heavy Seas Brewing TropiCannon

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! After the end of a long weekend with family, friends, and great College Football games, I needed something to ease me back into the work week. After attending the UCF vs USF game in what CBS Sports deemed "College Football's game of the year..." I can tell you that it was … Continue reading Heavy Seas Brewing TropiCannon

Fire in the Hole by Funky Buddha

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! After throwing a housewarming/UCF vs Navy watch party I'm about worn out. Between making a ton of pulled pork, sides, and watching that heart pounding win, I needed a new beer to cap the weekend off. The girlfriend found this bad boy in a bomber which caught our eye being a … Continue reading Fire in the Hole by Funky Buddha

Shipyard Fireberry

Happy Sunday Funday ya’ll! Its been a crazy summer with weddings, trips, and work so I haven’t made the time to write a few of these. On a side note, I found these on the clearance rack at Club Pub and figured for $8, why not grab a sixer and head over to a grill … Continue reading Shipyard Fireberry