Sweetwater 420 EPA

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! The first post-football weekend was spent well between fishing, working around the house, and meeting up with old friends. For those of you up North, bass bedding season has started early this year in Central Florida's small ponds so you know where I'll be for the next month. Anyways, I picked … Continue reading Sweetwater 420 EPA

Hop Bullet by Sierra Nevada

Happy SUPERBOWL Sunday Funday ya'll! It's been a busy weekend, with the soon-to-be Mrs. saying yes to the dress, a family cookout, and engagement photos, I've hardly had time to think. Thankfully, I was able to sneak in some fishing time where we got on some bass and picked up a new beer from Club … Continue reading Hop Bullet by Sierra Nevada

Liquid Truth Serum by Dogfish Head

Happy Sunday Funday ya'll! This was a fun weekend of looking at wedding venues and hitting our first 3 stops on the Central Florida Ale Trail. Yeah, we might have overestimated the time it took to look at venues so we had time to kill, but that's neither here nor there. If you haven't heard … Continue reading Liquid Truth Serum by Dogfish Head

Barely Bearable Beer of the Month

Happy Sunday Funday, ya'll! Even though the UCF Knights choked big time in the Cure ¬†Bowl game, I still had a rowdy time. I know this segment has been on a hiatus as of recent, but all this tailgating led me to revive it after crushing cheap beers one after another with friends and family. … Continue reading Barely Bearable Beer of the Month

500th Beer!!! Ayinger Celebrator

Well ya'll as some of you may know, I've got a goal to try 1000 different beers and tonight marks the halfway point. Now those half ounce sips you get when you try something don't count. I'm talking full pours of the stuff. You're probably thinking "Dude, get the Untappd app!". Naw I started this … Continue reading 500th Beer!!! Ayinger Celebrator

Sweetwater Waterkeeper Hefeweizen

Well I know it has been another 2 weeks without a post and you're heartbroken but whatever. I realized I wrote my review without posting it because well Sunday Fundays get the best of me. Speaking of which, I was in my grocery store and some inspiration hit me, Sweetwater Waterkeeper. As ya'll know I'm … Continue reading Sweetwater Waterkeeper Hefeweizen

Guest Review of Floridian Hefeweizen by Danny Oceans

Hey everyone! Sorry for the gap in posts, but I've been out of state for work. Danny Oceans¬†is a very good friend of mine from South Florida who got me into craft beers and decided to send me a review because I've been swamped. Without further ado, here he is...the great Danny O. Funky Buddha … Continue reading Guest Review of Floridian Hefeweizen by Danny Oceans