Cigar City Good Gourd

Happy Labor Day ya'll! While many people are excited for PSL season (pumpkin spice latte), us beer nerds are stoked for PSA season (aka Pumpkin Spiced Ale). Yes, it's still hitting triple digit heat index weekly, but I'm leaning into the hype and getting all sorts of pumpkin-style beers. This is a special release from … Continue reading Cigar City Good Gourd

4th Annual Pints and Paws Festival

Happy Sunday Funday everybody! Yesterday, I was able to attend my first microbrew fest (thanks to my lovely girlfriend) called Pints and Paws in Sanford, FL. The money raised was donated in part to animal rescues and it was animal-friendly which was (surprisingly) an awesome combination. The town of Sanford hosted this (yes the infamous … Continue reading 4th Annual Pints and Paws Festival