White Claw Cranberry Surge

Happy Sunday Ya’ll! The wife and I made the terrible decision to go “Downtown” last night. After stopping at Broken Strings Brewing (fantastic btw) and Motorworks Brewing (mediocre at best) we bar hopped. I don’t know about you but I’m too dang old to be slugging down $2 Busch Lattes until 1 in the morning. So I decided for this review I would continue the trend of poor choices. Everyone by now has had a White Claw or whatever brand of alcoholic seltzer. Well this one bills itself like the old energy soda Surge. Instead of 5% it is 8% and comes in a pint instead of a 12 oz can. I have a sneaking suspicion this will be what I call “Hobo Juice” aka high ABV, low price, terrible taste. Oh well, lets see how this shakes out!

Ruckus Till I Die @ Broken Strings Brewing

Appearance: This poured crystal clear with almost no head but a ton of carbonation. At least its not a yellowish tint?

Aroma: This is straight up Cranberry Ginger Ale. All cranberry with no off smells. I’m starting to get my hopes up…

Taste: Just like college football, it’s the hope that kills you. While it starts off with a nice and refreshing cranberry taste, the cheap, grain-alcohol flavor comes in and kicks you upside the head. Its better than an O.E. or Natty Daddy, but dang is this stuff rough.

Value: Hobo Juice priced, $2 for a pint of 8% beer.

Overall: I think I’ve said enough, its Hobo Juice. As far as that “style” goes its better than most but man is this stuff ROUGH. Stick to the normal White Claws and pass on these high ABV offerings.

Until next time, tight lines and cheers!

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