Heavy Seas Blackbeard’s Breakfast 2021

Happy Sunday Funday ya’ll! As many of you know, I keep a list of every different beer I’ve had. For every 100, I try to get something high end/hard to find. Some have been home runs, and others, well lets just say I’d put a Busch Latte over them. This beer marks #1200 for me and it is from a brewery that puts out great beer. There are a bunch of breweries that distribute good beer with an occasional one with a “Wow” factor. However, there are a select few that I’ve had in which every beer by them has been fantastic and this is one of them. Heavy Seas hails from Viriginia and is on my list of places to try. So, lets get into reviewing this bourbon barrel aged coffee roasted porter!

Appearance: Man this thing pours darker than a sharpie! With just a hint of carbonation, it is black as a moonless midnight and thicker than swamp water.

Aroma: This has huge notes of mocha and espresso with a warm bourbon note drifting into the end. I am always worried about “bourbon barrel” style as I have had more than a few that taste like the cheapest of cheap firewater and cost as much a some rotgut whiskey. This seems to be much more nuanced than those however so there is hope!

Taste: Well, its safe to say I nailed this pick! Imagine eating a decadent chocolate covered espresso bean with all it’s rich, roasty and bitter sweet flavor flavors. Then, imagine having a sip of a fine bourbon on the rocks with black peppery clove notes. Well, if you combine the two that is what you get with this. The flavors are superbly balanced and layered without hitting you over the head or drowning out any of the others.

Mouthfeel: As an barrel aged beer goes this is par for the course. It is a heavy, dense beer that weighs on the palate. Clocking in at 10% ABV this should be a slow sipper, not an easily crushable beer and this is perfect. It is like getting a German Chocolate Cake slice for dessert in that it is heavy but enjoyable.

Value: It was only $5.69 at Total Wine for a single, and for less than the price of a Bud Light at some bars you have a truly World Class BBA Porter!

Overall: This is a rare beer that gets a very hard to come by 10/10 on the patented Brooks scale! Everything about this beer from the pour to the flavor and mouthfeel is stupendous. Then, to make it even better, its less than $6 for a beer! Lets be real, you were gonna spend more than that at any bar or brewery you were going to for a single beer so from the enjoyment of home you can have something truly special.

Until next time, tight lines and cheers!

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