Fort Myers Brewing Peanut Butter Porter

Happy Sunday Funday ya’ll! I have a question for everyone. Would you rather have 4 days of mediocre fishing, or have 3 terrible days and 1 fantastic day? The wife and I disagreed and I said the 1 awesome day would outweigh the other 3. She saw it differently.

Well, that’s what happened to me with 3 days of skunks and 1 day where I caught the slam (snook, redfish, trout. as well as a flounder) from my kayak. We took a nice little stay-cation in Indian Rocks Beach, where I did a lot of fishing, and I got to try out a new brewery, Anecdote Brewing.

I’m finally back home now relaxing and watching my fantasy team get destroyed (again) and figured I’d try a staple from my hometown’s flagship brewery, Fort Myers Brewing Co. Peanut Butter Porter. Let’s get into some beer drinking!

Appearance: This pours a Hershey’s-chocolate-syrup deep brown with an espresso-colored head. It is a very dark beer.

Aroma: The aroma is a dead ringer for a Reese’s peanut butter cup with tons of milk chocolate and peanuts. It is sweet, but doesn’t smell like it’s loaded with sugar.

Taste: The PB porter is definitely lighter than I anticipated, but at 5.4%, I think it matches what it was shooting for. The flavor profile is obviously chocolatey espresso notes with peanut butter mixed in. It finishes with a dark chocolate, slightly bitter but roasty aftertaste. Overall, it has a ton of flavor but is very drinkable and amenable to people who don’t normally drink craft beer.

Mouthfeel: It is light but not thin, with a touch of carbonation to make it pop.

Value: I got a sixer for $10 at Total Wine. Definitely a great porter for that price point.

Overall: I’d give this a 9/10! It has an awesome amount of flavor but balances the mouthfeel and drinkability really well. Maybe because I’ve been underwhelmed by so many porters as of late I’m rating it so highly. But man does this go with a crisp Florida winter day at 65 degrees! They distribute in SWFL, but if you’re ever in Fort Myers, it is definitely a must visit.

Until next time, tight lines and cheers!

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