Funky Buddha S’more to Love

IMG_5030.jpgHappy Sunday Funday ya’ll! This was the first weekend in a long time where I didn’t spend it watching college football. Instead, I was able to spend some time with the family enjoying everyone’s company. One of them read the No Crusts review a few weeks ago, tried it, and liked it so much he picked me up another special release by them. I’m a big porter guy and he grabbed their Imperial Porter called S’more To Love. It’s billed as full of roasted campfire flavors and obviously some S’more goodness.

Appearance: I don’t think I’ve ever poured a beer that was as thick as this. It was almost like pouring chocolate syrup into the glass. There was just a hint of carbonation in its charcoal black body. It looks like it is going to be a very heavy beer.

Aroma: This has a ton of roasted malts on the nose and some dark chocolate. There is just a hint of marshmallow in there too. It’s about as close to a s’more by the campfire as a beer can get.

Taste: While it doesn’t hit the s’more flavors like No Crusts did for a PB&J, it is still pretty darn good! There is a bunch of smokey malts on the front that lead into a sweet milk chocolate and subdued marshmallow finish. There is a faint aftertaste of graham crackers. They’ve done it again, they somehow made a beer that tastes like the food. Funky Buddha’s Little Buddha small batch series is killing it. They’re doing things I would’ve never thought of and never thought possible.

Mouthfeel: This is about as thick as it can get. The best proxy I can think of is cold Swiss Miss hot chocolate. With such a heavy and complex beer, this is actually a good thing in that you sit there and really get to appreciate the beer as opposed to something that you can pound back.

Value: Got it as a gift, but I would definitely pay for this again.

Overall: This is getting a fantasticĀ 8/10. It has a few different flavors going for it, which are all balanced perfectly. The only thing holding it back from getting a perfect 10 is that they missed on the marshmallow flavor. Between the campfire smokiness and the chocolate and graham cracker flavors, they really knocked it out of the park again. I appreciate any and all suggestions, so let me know what to try next!

Until next time, tight lines and cheers!

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