Founders Brewing Double Trouble IPA

Happy Sunday Funday ya’ll! We managed to spend this weekend mostly watching football with a dash of chores and a sprinkling of pond hopping. While I have now been firmly convinced that UCF is the worst 8-3 team in College Football, I have also had the opportunity to try some truly world-class beers. I was able to sample Boulevard Brewing’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Quad, which is a mammoth Belgian Quad aged in bourbon barrels. I also picked up a Double IPA from Founders which is also highly ranked. Let’s see if this one lives up to its ranking!IMG_4878.jpg

Appearance: This pours apricot orange with a slight head and carbonation.

Aroma: Being a double IPA, there is a stronger malty sweetness in it. Then the hops kick in with tons of piney and citrusy hops. Double Trouble looks like it’s shaping up to be more of a classic West Coast IPA with more bitterness than a New England IPA which is much juicier and sweeter.

Taste: This is a perfect example of the classic Double IPA style. There is a hint of malty sweetness followed up by super piney hops and an astringency that hangs on the aftertaste forever. These types of beers aren’t made to be easy sipping, hanging out by the pool beers. DIPAs are meant to challenge the palate. Once you get past the strong hoppiness, tropical flavors make an appearance as well as a boozy warmth that helps us get through this brutal 65 degree Florida fall.

Mouthfeel: Again this typifies a Double IPA in that there is just the slightest touch of carbonation and it is a thick beer. It’s not thick like your typical stout, it is more heavy and almost syrupy which lends itself to enjoying it slowly. At 9.4%, I don’t think you would want to chug this anyways.

Value: A single ran me about $5, but it is a quality beer.

Overall: I really like this beer in that it isn’t trying to ride the wave of easy-drinking, high-ABV IPAs, in that it makes you sit and think about the sip. Call me conservative, but I believe the double/imperial style beers need to be heavy, complex, and meant to enjoy over a longer period of time. I get that the less complex and easier drinking DIPAs/Imperials appeal to a wider audience but they’re missing out. I would give this an 8/10 as it has a great piney and resinous flavor, but it’s missing something on the malt end that would really take it over the top.

Until next time, tight lines and cheers!


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