East Island Brewing Island Coastal Lager

Happy Sunday Funday ya’ll! After a weekend of football, fishing and barbecues, I am wiped out. It was great to see UCF put up big numbers again, but we absolutely baked in the Florida heat. We went to a bbq with  a bunch of friends and played a slightly over-competitive game of ultimate frisbee, which took a bit more out of me than I thought it would. Now I’m quite frankly too hot and tired to try something heavy, so the wife saw Island Coastal Lager. I figured it’s light enough to be enjoyable, but hopefully has enough flavor to not be another overpriced Bud Light like so many “craft” lagers are. 

Appearance: It pours a pale straw color like your typical lager, but has noticeably less carbonation than your normal macrobrew.

Aroma: I think it smells very floral with some light malt notes. The wife thinks it smells -like “your run-of-the-mill Yuengling or Sam Adams” which means heavy biscuty malts.

Taste: Island Coastal Lager is surprisingly citrusy, almost a dead clone of a a Modelo Especial with lime added. There are some light malts and just a hint of bittering hops to create a drier finish.

IMG_4798Mouthfeel: This is light and bright, but it still is heavier than your Miller High Life or Budweiser.

Value: If you only want a few beers poolside or while manning the grill, this is a good value at $9/sixer.

Overall: I was pleasantly surprised that this was both flavorful and easy drinking. I would give this a 7/10 as it doesn’t kill you with a high ABV (it’s only 4.5%) and it doesn’t leave you with a bland and boring flavor profile. If you see Island Coastal Lager in your local grocery store, give it a shot!

We have six more days until I get to try my Christmas Ale. There will definitely be an update to come. I’m also closing in on my 1,000th different beer. I need some more recommendations for my last 10! Leave a comment below, it’d be much appreciated!

Until next time, tight lines and cheers.

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