Big Storm Brewing Oats and Hose

60413674_2309070159157651_5945021017326878720_nHappy Sunday Funday and Memorial Day weekend! Last week I was too whooped after a great tournament down on Lake Okeechobee where we took 6th out of 30 to write a review, but I’m back on it! A few quick notes, Lake Okeechobee is unbelievably massive and the fish there are monsters. We had a stout 19.02 lbs. Day 1 where we had only 8 bites all day but they were all studs. Day 2 was a bit more difficult because our pattern died early. We grinded and went three for four on bites and weighed a solid 8.44lbs, but that one I missed, cost us $1000. Thats why they call it fishing and not catching I suppose. On the bright side we did win Costa Del Mar sunglasses, which are the best money can buy. To wash down that bittersweet tournament, I picked up an oatmeal stout from a local brewery!

Appearance: It pours midnight black with a latte colored head that quickly dissolves.

Aroma: This has the typical oatmeal stout smell of coffee, a heavily roasted tinge, and a IMG_3845bit of sweetness on the end.

Taste: Oats and Hose has a heavy roasted coffee taste with a kick of molasses sweetness at the end. Its very heavy, and I probably shouldn’t have had this right after working in the yard. However, it tastes good!

Mouthfeel: Even though it clocks in only at 6.5% ABV it feels way heavier. It is thick but not syrupy, and a kick of leftover carbonation helps lighten it up a bit.

Value: It was $2.49 for a tall boy at Lucky’s so not too bad.

Overall: Overall, it is a middle of the road oatmeal stout. There is nothing that blows me away, however there isn’t anything that detracts from it. I’d give it a 5/10. Its loaded with coffee and roasted malt and a bit heavier on the palate than I feel it should be. But overall, its a safe bet you won’t miss on if you like darker beer.

Until next time, tight lines and cheers!

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