Hourglass Brewing Nut Squasher Autumn Ale

Happy Sunday Funay ya’ll! Man oh man, it was a busy weekend! Between bass fishing on Lake Toho, celebrating my buddy Tyler’s birthday, and bottling my next batch of homebrew, I’m whooped. I thought we were out of wedding present beer, but I found a bomber of a local brewery, Hourglass. It turns out to be named Nut Squasher and is a bourbon barrel aged autumn ale. Based on the name alone, I’m a bit intimidated, not to mention the fact that it clocks in at 8.4%.

Appearance: It pours with next to no carbonation with a hazelnut brown hue.

Aroma: I thought my sniffer might not be working, but the wifey confirmed that there is no aroma to this. This is strange because even Busch Lattes have a faint aroma profile to them.

Taste: This starts with heavy bourbon notes, but ends with a really sour bite. With an autumn ale, I figured there would be hazelnut, roasted malts, and other flavors. This just goes from bourbon-y to almost a Berliner-Wiesse. I’m not a sour guy, so this is definitely a pass for me.

Mouthfeel: For being a high gravity brew, it is surprisingly light and thin with a sharp bite at the end.

Value: Not my style, so I can’t tell you.

Overall: If you’re into bourbon barrel aged sours, then this might be a smash hit. But for me, this is a strong pass. I’ll give it a 2/10 and it gets the 2 because it’s got a great color profile and a high ABV. Otherwise, this style is not for me.

In two weeks, we will have the latest in my homebrew collection, Cold Bear Brewing’s amber ale I call the Fat Dweyer. It’s a replica Fat Tire with my own twist.

Until next time, tight lines and cheers!


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