Rusty Rail Brewing Fool’s Gold Imperial Hefe

Happy Sunday Funday ya’ll! Like most of you, I spent this long weekend enjoying time with family, friends, football and general downtime. We made the hike over to Tampa and took over the USF stadium to watch the War on I4 rivalry. Notwithstanding the horrific injury our QB suffered, it was a great game overall. Saturday I was on the water

Charge On!

doing more fishing than catching. But while I was away, our craft beer box called Beer Across America came (shout out to Jesy & Nathan for the awesome wedding shower gift!). This is like those other monthly subscriptions where they send you random beers every month. One of the four included was an Imperial Peanut Butter Hefeweizen by Rusty Rail Brewing in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania. I’ve never heard of this style, so a review was a must!

Appearance: This pours the traditional pale gold of a Hefe and even has a decent head. I was not expecting that with a peanut butter addition and a steep 8% ABV.

Smell: This is possibly the strangest aroma I’ve ever experienced. Instead of wheat or peanut butter, I smell popcorn. This is the type of popcorn that is made on the stove top, not the microwavable version. I can’t get any of the PB or other 20181124_190441aromas, just freshly popped corn.

Taste: Well, this beer just keeps throwing me for loops. There isn’t a robust flavor profile that I was expecting based off of the style. However, it tastes like a generic Hefe, with a malty and biscuity taste, but nothing that stands out. I’m still not sure where the PB comes into play either. Overall, there’s not a ton of flavor that I was expecting with the Imperial billing.

Mouthfeel: This is a light and crisp beer; I’m not sure where they are hiding the high octane ABV.

Value: We got the box as a gift so I’m about it.

Overall: I’m not in love with the style, so I may be biased, but I’ll give it a 5/10. I was really expecting to see some sort of stronger flavors than your run of the mill Hefeweizen, but I was disappointed. Also, there is no peanut butter aroma or flavor, so that doesn’t live up to its hype either. However, it is light, drinkable and dangerous (if you don’t know better).

Until next time, tight lines and cheers!

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