Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest

Happy Sunday Funday ya’ll! This is the first post written from the new house and let me tell you, life is good! As we were perusing the Publix (and my fiance says, “They never change the singles, why do you insist on checking?!”), I found the new Oktoberfest release20170820_190349.jpg from Sierra Nevada. Yes, it is a touch early for Oktoberfest, but football is back, it’s close to September, so I’m gonna say it’s close enough. For those of you who haven’t had an Oktoberfest (technically Marzen) beer, the style is very malty and a bit spicy, but also very, very drinkable. Overall, a perfect football beer, especially for those of you who actually get a fall season instead of slightly less humid, but still stupid hot Florida. Anyways, here is the review!

Appearance: It pours a beautiful warm amber with a 1 finger head that slowly dissipates.

Smell: Predictably, there is a malty sweetness to it with just a hint of spice. Note this is the spice you find in a warm apple cider or mulling spices, not the jalapeno spicy of some chili beers.

Taste: Right off the bat you get a delicious tempered sweetness and a clove-esque spice on the tail end. It’s a very dry beer reminiscent of a crisp Autumn day. If you could bottle the taste of a hay ride after a cold front, this is it.

Mouthfeel: This is a very dry and crisp beer, but the crispness is due to the spice instead of the carbonation.

Value: Ya’ll know I ball on a budget, so $1.89 for it was right up my alley.

Overall: Maybe I’m in a generous mood, but this is an 8/10. It is an excellent summation of all my memories of Autumn wrapped up into a delicious adult beverage. It also signals the start of football! For you non-craft beer drinkers reading this, if you like Bud Heavy then give this a shot this Fall.

Until next time, tight lines and cheers!

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