Hourglass Brewing Morlock Milk Stout

Happy Sunday Funday ya’ll! This weekend the first lady and I found some time to sneak off to another Central Florida microbrewery that we haven’t tried: Hourglass Brewing. It’s a bigger name around here as they have their product in most the grocery stores, but I didn’t realize just how big it was. Upon entering, they had a ton of space and probably 20 of their OWN beers on tap. We tried a few, and they were all good, and I grabbed a Morlock for the road. As we pass this lazy, rainy Sunday away, here is the review!

Appearance: This stuff is like used motor oil, very viscous, dark and almost no carbonation upon pouring into a pint glass.

Smell: It gives off a super chocolatey, malty smell. Imagine an old ice cream shop that serves milk shakes and that’s about what it smells like.

Taste: You get a ton of toasted, but not burnt, malts with chocolate, coffee, toffee, and a hint of ice-creamy goodness. This isn’t a milk stout that will knock your socks off with taste, but it is a very solid, well finished beer. For those new to this style, it is par for the course on what to expect from something that bills itself as a “milk stout.”

Mouthfeel: Because this is CO2 and not a Nitro carbonation, you get just a touch of tartness on the end. However, it is still smooth, thick, and heavy.

Value: The pint ran me a Lincoln, but that was buying at the bar “to go,” so there is the brewery markup. Not a bad price however!

Overall: This is a solid 6/10. The flavors are blended well, it has a little less aroma than I prefer, but it still tastes great. I know this is wayyyy too heavy for a summertime beer, but once the weather starts cooling off, look for them at your Central Florida supermarkets! For the folks that aren’t super big craft beer drinkers, give it a shot I’m sure you’ll enjoy it sitting in the A/C! Until next time, tight lines and cheers!

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