Barely Bearable Beer: Not Your Mom’s Sweet Tea

Happy Sunday Funday ya’ll! After a fun tailgate for the UCF spring game and some bankhopping, where we pulled a mogan out, I decided to pick up another truly (hopefully)

Grizzly Adams with a stud Largemouth

awful beer. I know what you’re thinking. “Isn’t it Not Your Father’s?” And nope, this is an imitator. Also, much of Not Your Father’s and the ilk are malt beverages, and this says specifically BEER on it. So here’s to splitting hairs and terrible life choices!

On the first sip, you get hit with strong lemon and sugar, then the taste of warm Natty Ice comes through. It smells like rubbing alcohol and makes you cringe with just the aroma alone. As a perennial drinker of Twisted Teas, this tastes like bilge water in comparison. After a few sips, all I’m getting is lemon Pledge flavor and diabetes-inducing sugar.

The more you drink, the more OK you are with the downward spiral your life is heading in. I’m glad this isn’t my mom’s sweet tea because I would have to think I was adopted. Now that I’m at the bottom of the can, I’m not sure if I’m buzzing from the 5.2% abv or the massive amounts of sugar. At the end of the day, this fulfilled my expectations of being barely bearable AKA drinkable, but only just. On a side note, this would be a great substitute for Smirnoff Ices when you “Ice” someone.

Until next time, tight lines and cheers!

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