New Smyrna Brewing Company

P0nce Inlet, NSB

Happy Sunday Funday ya’ll! It seems like I’ve gotten on a every other week posting schedule that I need to kick. Anywho, last week the first lady and I decided to explore a part of Florida we’d never been to and went to New Smyrna Beach/Ponce Inlet. On a wild hair we found an awesome dog park and spent most the morning lounging about on the white sand beaches (shameless #visitFL plug). When we were wrapping things up I figured instead of just grabbing a bite to eat on the way out we should see if there are any breweries near by. It was a shot in the dark as NSB is a fairly small town but we were in luck.


After wandering our way through the middle of a classic car show down town, we found the literal hole in the wall brewery titled New Smyrna Beach Brewing Company tucked between a history museum and Yellow Dog Eats (awesome restaurant with tons of craft beer). When we walked in, the average age probably dropped 20 years so we had no idea what to expect.

I started with the Eureka DIPA which was a collaboration between them and the Daytona

Cool Flight Idea at NSB Brewing

Beach Brewing Company. The beertender highly recommended it and I was a bit worried with it clocking in at 9.1% and being served in a 13oz size but I manned up and got it. To quote Hank Hill “I tell you what” that was an extraordinary beer. It was superbly balanced, full of flavor, and not overbearing in the least. Eureka perfectly embodied both the sleepy beach town (NSB) and with the high ABV the party town that is Daytona Beach. If you can

Yellow Dog Eats artwork

find it somewhere this is an absolute must try.


The First Lady decided to sample the Disappearing Island Apricot IPA. I’ve been turned off by Apricot beers before (looking at you Sculpin) but this was actually very well crafted. It was light, refreshing, and most of all not artificially sweet. The citrusy hops paired well with the apricot fruit flavors. You could definitely knock back a sixer of these on the beach.

We finished with a flight of their beers and all of them were great. Since we had an hour drive back we decided to call it a day and grab some grub at Yellow Dog Eats. If anyone is around New Smyrna Beach and love craft beer, you need to stop and try this brewery!

Until next time, tight lines and cheers!


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