Voodoo Ranger IPA by New Belgium Brewing

Happy Sunday Funday, ya’ll! I know I’ve been irregularly posting, but this week I’m back on track cuz #newyearnewme. After going out downtown last night, which is a miracle in and of itself, I needed some quality junk food, football, and the hair of the dog to recuperate. Well, Green Bay is getting destroyed, I’ve made and destroyed some guac, and decided to pick up New Belgium’s variant on their Ranger IPA, the Voodoo Ranger.

Appearance: The color of the Voodoo is a dead ringer to a Budweiser with a heavy gold hue. There is a touch of carbonation that dissipates quickly due to the high (7%) abv.

Smell: Man this thing has a resinous, almost sticky aroma with a hint of fruity sweetness. Sounds about right for a jacked up IPA.

Taste: Voodoo follows the nose with a strong hoppy taste and some tropical fruit underneath it. Think pineapples or kind of mango-y. (It’s my blog I can make up words if I want.) Overall this tastes fan-freakin’-tastic

Mouthfeel: Not sure if it’s the habanero I ate or the booze, but my mouth is slightly tingly. The light carbonation nicely cuts through the otherwise syrupy, hoppy beer and lends it much-needed balance.

Value: A sixer runs about $9 at Club Pub (Publix) so you can ball on a budget.

Overall: This is a great beer. I’d give it an 8/10. It is reasonably priced, has a great smell, and even better taste, which is complemented perfectly with the carbonation. It’s not every day you find an IPA that is so well balanced and affordable. Do yourself a favor and grab some!

Until next time, tight lines and cheers!

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