Abita Seersucker Summer Pils

Happy 4th of July everyone! To those few readers who hail from outside the states, I’ll give you a brief rundown of how Freedom goes down on the 4th. First, you need to load up on all sorts of heart-stopping meats like sausages, briskets, and other BBQ favorites. If you grill (think hot and fast), we can’t be friends. Second, grab a cooler full of summertime brews whether that be a light macrobeer or some new wave “session IPA.” Third, get some explosives and terrorize, I mean, celebrate the U.S. Depending on where you live, we can’t tell if it’s gunshots or fireworks, and frankly most of us are OK with both. Anyways, back to the brews.

I managed to find a newish release by Abita Brewing, the Seersucker Pilsner. I’m glad to see craft breweries are starting to expand their horizons beyond the generic hop bomb IPA and have a few more lighter “sessionable” beers. So on a day where the heat index was 100+ this was a must have.

This bad boy clocks in at a middle of the road 4.8% and the label claims it has a mix of German hops to round out the expected malty sweetness. The first sip hits me with a ton of carbonation and a light, airy mouthfeel. There is a light sweetness to it that is followed nicely with a hoppy bitterness that makes it very drinkable. After a few sips, eating some BBQ, dumping tea into the harbor, and blowing stuff up everything seemed right with the world. Seriously this is what I imagined a true pilsner should taste like. If you find one in your local supermarket definitely grab it.

Until next time, tight lines and cheers!

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