Barely Bearable Beer of the Month Kirin

Happy Sunday Funday, ya’ll! This week has been hot even for a native Floridian. Heat indexes up past 110 a few days really made it tough to enjoy the Sunshine State. This puts fishing out of the question to say the least, and the pool is overcrowded with those trying to beat the heat. That helped prompt me to pick up a beer that bills itself as 100% malt and nice and light. This beer you can find at your local sushi place, Kirin Ichiban.

Well, down the hatch it goes. Anddddd back up the hatch it almost goes. I know Japan isn’t know for their beer, but this is just flat out bad. The malts lay on your tongue with a sweet and sour taste. This is carbonated like a Bud Light and has a mouthfeel like seltzer water. Why would anyone pick a beer like this to go with something as delicious as sushi is beyond me.

This is the Natty Ice of Asian beers. I’ve had Singa, 33 Export, and a few others and this is by far the most unappealing. If you’re looking for a bad beer to give a friend or “Ice” someone with (is icing still a thing?) this is the go-to. On a side note, I’ll be in Northern Virginia next week and need some brewery suggestions so fire away. Until next time, tight lines and cheers!

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