Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Sunday Funday! After UCF being thoroughly embarrassed at home (thanks George O’Leary), but me being thoroughly too rowdy to care, I needed something to wash the taste of failure out of my mouth. My roommate picked a sixer up the other day and I bummed one off of her because I wasn’t about to go out to the store to get one. On a side note, caught some monster bream with an old college buddy who came up for the game, so there’s a silver lining. Without further ado:

Appearance: This stuff looks about as thick as molasses and has a head like a semi-flat root beer.

Tastes like preteen alcoholism
Tastes like preteen alcoholism

Smell: I’m getting strong whiffs of vanilla, spices and licorice. This smells like a bonafide root beer. Disclaimer, my girlfriend swears it smells like Pepto, but me and my buddy think she’s crazy. Well she is dating me so that may not be far off, but I digress.

Taste: Wow, this stuff is just like root beer! Not a run of the mill Barq’s or A&W, but one of those fancy ones you always wanted as a kid but never could justify the $3 on. There is a strong taste of vanilla and spice, followed by licorice and an aftertaste of rum almost. There is strangely no taste of cheap alcohol or artificial flavor. Being said this is way to sweet for me to have more than 1 in a sitting.

Mouthfeel: This stuff is just like a semi-flat root beer. Pretty generic and pretty sticky.

Value: Not Your Father’s Root Beer is running $12 a 6-pack. If you can find one on draft,

Gotta love bream fishing
Gotta love bream fishing

I’d take that route. Unless you have a huge sweet tooth, you aren’t going to be able to pound these.

Overall: This is definitely a novelty beer, but I would not buy it more than once. It hits the root beer mark well, but it’s about as sweet as a Smirnoff Ice and probably has a similar hangover. Don’t act like you don’t know what that feels like, we were all 17 once. Like I said before, it is good but not something you would have regularly. Until next time, cheers and tight lines!

PS: I’ll be going on a bank hopping adventure in South Florida tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll finally catch a peacock bass! I’ll post throughout the week of my shennanigans down there.

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